¿What is Bolsa de Pesca Los Lagos?

Bolsa de pesca, is an innovation on seafood trading process to support artisanal fisheries in Chile.

It aims to improve artisanal fishers trading conditions by maximizing their labor returns under a Fair Trade concept. Patagonian Fish Market initiative was designed under the context of Project: “Design Innovation and trading management platform to facilitate and optimize trading process in Artisanal Fisheries in Los Lagos Region”. This project was financed by Innovation and Competiveness Fund of Los Lagos Region.

Bolsa de Pesca Los Lagos, delivers to artisanal fishers, buyers and consumers, important information that allows to close offer and demand, improving value and trading conditions of local seafood products. Moreover, it has a virtual promotion component, that put in value the products and make real a differentiation strategy based on origin, quality and nutritional characteristics, among other.

Web site of this innovative platform www.bolsadepescaloslagos.cl/english.php

Patagonian Fish Market business model is based on the platform operation managed by a non – profit oriented NGO. This institution trades every product on a fix cost, maximizing fishers’ incomes as result of selling process.

Bolsa de Pesca, takes gaps in process, market and trading present in artisanal fishers, giving a support service to improve commercial process.

To buyers and consumers, this initiative delivers guarantee of safety food and quality, by a certification service and traceability, giving a Quality Label, Bolsa de Pesca Los Lagos.

Patagonian Fish Market service it is sustained by the Quality Label of regional products, which have high sanitarian quality, food safety and traceability, giving both to consumers and fishers permanent information of commercialized product. Treacibility is given to users by delivering reports that will be able to download from this web site.