Business Model of Patagonian Fish Market is based on the following principles: virtual technological development of the offer; the best possible level of standard in safety and origin, with client oriented traceability, high level professional service both producers and clients; and, reimbursement of final utilities to fishers.

The business model of the platform focuses in concepts of quality and food safety, based on the system of strict control and accreditation of its main organoleptic characteristics, delivering fresh freezing of highly perishable products. In order to ensure delivery in optimal conditions, we adopt protocols and inspection systems from the moment that artisanal vessel left the cost to fishing areas, until its returns to port. Further, we inspect transport and processing, packaging and final delivery to the customer. This system will be unique in relationship between quality and price, compared to other existing trading systems of fresh sea products oriented for domestic market.

The model innovates using the concept of Fair Trade, by ensuring to customers that obtained product has a fair commercial exchange between buyers and artisanal fishermen, guaranteeing that producers get a price that reflects an adequate return on their inputs, skills, work, resources and that earn proportional benefits share of total income. This feature of the business model is key differentiating factor from any other wholesale market model or seafood trading system that is currently practiced in Chile.
The business model and its presentation as Patagonian Fish Market has a corporate identity that is expressed through its logo and slogan:
the best of artisanal sea is in your table”.