Actual situation of fishing resources and artisanal fishery sector, demand us to advance and search for better tools that may improve value and commercialization products conditions, aiming to sustainability of recourses, their activity and artisanal fishery culture.

We suggest to work for strengthening seafood products of artisanal fishery commercialization in the following points:

  • Promoting commercialization of fishers’ products, shortening the value chain and giving add value to resources.

  • Facilitating information to customers about origin, quantity and quality that is required by the market.

  • Supporting infrastructure to give add value to artisanal fishery products.

  • Innovating in development of new products based on offer of regional raw material, and

  • Generating alternatives for working capital, that permits carry out new entrepreneurships.

Additionally, the work should be focused in adding value or set value of regional artisanal products:
  • Making visible regional fishing products in national and international market.

  • Incorporating differentiated elements (for example, traceability, organic labels, geographic identification, health benefits, functionality, etc.).

  • Organizing and making visible sector´s products offer, and

  • Incorporating to the business model particularities and values of regional artisanal fishing sector.

In this context, Chinquihue Foundation, institution with more than 26 years of experience in artisanal fishery, has been developing several initiatives with the Chilean state support in order to improve artisanal fishery commercialization conditions, maximizing returns fishers’ labor, within a sustainable model that is based of the concept of Fair Trade.

This trade support platform is corresponding to present governmental program of President Bachelet. Once business model and technology is applied, it will allow fishers to access voluntarily to sell their products to wholesale market, in a transparent, opened and competitive way.

Patagonian Fish Market, takes the gaps about of process, market and trade capabilities of fisheries artisanal sector, delivering a support service to improve trading process.

To buyers and consumers, this initiative delivers guarantee of safety food and quality, by a certification service and traceability, giving a Quality Label, Patagonian Fish Market.