Traceability is a tracking system that is generated by Patagonian Fish Market and that allows monitoring sold products attributes and thermal organoleptic characteristics, besides to usual health and fishing authorities’ inspections from landing to delivery to final customers.

Traceability is implemented on this website, allowing clients to make their consultations in “follow your order”, that permits monitoring purchase – shipping product progress in the chain of custody that can be verified personally at the moment of reception.




· Product (Origin - Lot)

· Producer ( Fisherman )

· Buyer

· Way to pay


Purchase order

Agreed price


Sanitarian and quality   verification:


· Port of landing

· Artisanal vessel

· Transport Vessel

· Truck’s data Transport ( license plate , driver, etc. )

· Organoleptic (smell , color , texture)

· Temperature in spring

· Weight Product

· Date and reception’s time

· Temperature of truck


Sanitarian and quality   verification:


· Raw material income

· Sernapesca’s label (optional)

· Quality Assurance Program’s report ( PAC in Spanish)) ( Optional)

· Finished product

· Transportation vehicle data ( plate , driver, etc. )

· Cargo Consolidation truck

· Dispatch Guides


Sanitarian and quality   verification:


· Reception, consolidation and load distribution

· Control Product final destination temperature

· Reception Sanitary Product Compliance


Traceability on field is ensured by specially trained personnel of Patagonia Fish Market. Traceability is controlled and informed by this web platform, allowing to follow the product along the supply chain. For more information of your order select HERE

Traceability types:
Quality: Thermal and Organoleptic, and it corresponds to monitoring safety of products by applying protocols of sampling from landing to costumer’s delivery. For more information of your order select HERE.
Origin, It is by monitoring artisanal´s certification quality such as fishermen, vessels, fishing area, date and time, products and quantities. This information is obtained by the documentary inspection, for instance landing declaration (DA), Dispatch Guides or Invoice, Authorization Transfer Vehicle resolution, or appropriate Certification of Bivalve Mollusk Sanitarian Program (PMSB in Spanish), Management Areas, landings or other fishery management arrangements. For more information of your order select HERE.
Tracking your order